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I personally have found K15 and EUtest Oracle's to be more accurate, and since K15 is a more recent version of EUtest, that's what I'm going to use to demonstrate how to read Oracle results in some more depth than before. Although I like to look at 4 populations the most because I am primarily from 4 different regions in Europe, you can also look at the 1, 2, and 3 populations modes. This is very accurate, I have a lot of West German ancestry on both sides of my tree, and I estimate it makes up about 25% of my tree.I find the best thing to do is rather than look at your Oracle results and try to pick one combination that fits you best, or shows the closest distance, look at the results on the whole. These are my Eurogenes EUtest V2 K15 Oracle 4 results: 1 Orcadian South_Italian West_German West_German @ 4.425306 2 French South_Italian West_German West_Norwegian @ 4.689746 3 South_Italian Southwest_English West_German West_German @ 4.689806 4 East_Sicilian Orcadian West_German West_German @ 4.747531 5 Italian_Jewish Orcadian West_German West_German @ 4.835878 6 East_Sicilian Southwest_English West_German West_German @ 4.850750 7 Italian_Abruzzo West_German West_German West_German @ 4.853912 8 North_Dutch South_Italian West_German West_German @ 4.863277 9 French Orcadian South_Italian West_German @ 4.911067 10 South_Italian Southeast_English West_German West_German @ 4.914701 11 Tuscan West_German West_German West_German @ 4.922722 12 Central_Greek Orcadian West_German West_German @ 4.922800 13 South_Italian West_German West_German West_Norwegian @ 4.927629 14 Irish South_Italian West_German West_German @ 4.941526 15 South_Italian West_German West_German West_Scottish @ 4.958009 16 East_Sicilian French West_German West_Norwegian @ 4.978409 17 East_Sicilian French Orcadian West_German @ 4.982550 18 South_Italian West_German West_German West_German @ 5.005996 19 South_Italian Spanish_Galicia West_Norwegian West_Norwegian @ 5.010231 20 Central_Greek Southwest_English West_German West_German @ 5.011045 So rather than saying the top results must be the most accurate because it's the closest distance, and determining it to be only somewhat accurate because it did identify my German, Italian, and Scottish ancestry, but not my English or Norwegian, let's look at the entire results as a whole. I also have a couple Swiss-German branches, which is still fairly consistent with West German.There's one ancestor who was from Bavaria, which is a region of Germany more to the east, but I have no idea what part of Bavaria - could have been the western most part for all I know.What I do know is that I rarely ever get admixture/ethnicity results in Eastern Europe and when I do, it's normally in such small portions, it's likely noise. I'm also seeing South Italian and some other Italian regions like East Sicilian and Abruzzo. I do indeed have Sicilian, Abruzzo, and other Southern Italian ancestry.Certain calculators may give you more or less accuracy than others.In my personal experience, Eurogenes K13 Oracle 4 (right) isn't very accurate.It's possible Oracle is underestimating my British ancestry, since there's only a few English populations included, but when you consider how genetically similar the British and Germans are, and knowing how many instances of West German are listed, it makes some sense.

People in neighboring regions simply share too much DNA to always be able to tell them apart with accuracy.

It really wants me to be Jewish and I'm really not - I have no known Jewish ancestry and don't get any Jewish results from any of the big 4 companies, or in any of Gedmatch's Admixtures.

It crops up in the odd Oracle result, but none so much as Eurogenes K13 Oracle 4 populations.

Several branches were indeed from Western Norway, although one branch did come from the more Eastern towns of Bamble and Skien.

You may also notice a few Orcadian and West Scottish populations.

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