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Most of our physicians have sub-specialty fellowship training in pediatric ophthalmology, glaucoma, retinal disease and surgery, oculoplastics and cosmetics, and corneal and refractive surgery.

Like the lens of a camera, the eye’s natural lens can change its focus and allow us to see objects up close, a process called “accommodation.” During cataract surgery, the natural lens is replaced by an artificial lens, and traditionally these artificial IOLs have been limited to allowing clear vision at only one distance.

These lenses offer excellent distance and middle vision, but they aren’t as reliable for near vision.

About 50 percent of patients who have accommodating lenses implanted still need reading glasses.

Medicare/insurance usually does NOT cover the cost of an accommodating lens.

Multifocal Lenses Multifocal lenses have different areas designed for distance, intermediate, and near vision.

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