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There was still some hope that this stemmed from an obliviousness rather than some deeper disconnect. Trump by a larger margin than they had voted for any presidential candidate.

Inspiration began to flag after some years there, and one night she was drawn to a pastor whom she saw on television.He was, she later learned, Robert Morris of Gateway Church.Gateway started nearly 20 years ago with a prayer group in Pastor Morris’s living room, and has in the past two decades grown to become a 0 million ministry, drawing upward of 31,000 people a week to six campuses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.Early last year, Professor Walker-Barnes left the white-majority church where she had been on staff.Like an untold number of black Christians around the country, many of whom had left behind black-majority churches, she is not sure where she belongs anymore.“We were willing to give up our preferred worship style for the chance to really try to live this vision of beloved community with a diverse group of people,” she said.

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Church videos and promotional materials are intentionally filled with people of color.

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  1. I liked messages that were personal but not creepy personal, like the messages in which men would describe in gross detail how we’d live our lives together based on what they read in my profile.