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"So it's good to have another female cohort in the bar." Kajlich described Mendler's character as quirky and a bit of an oddball."She has a little 'foot in mouth' disease and says the wrong thing at the wrong time.In Halloween: Resurrection she had a screaming scene and it had to be dubbed. When she appeared as a guest on she was asked by the host about her tattoos.Craig inked the tattoo on her wrist was her only one and she replied saying that she had tattoos all over her body.You wouldn't think a gal like Leslie would go for a guy like Burski, but there's definitely a spark there.While Kajlich said she doesn't know for sure what will happen between the two, she said, "It's a nice little thing to play with. Every girl wants to believe that you're going to get the hot '10' model, perfect guy and you always just end up finding that the guy that's right underneath your nose is the one for you." Being on the show has been beneficial to Kajlich, and even to her new baby.

"Whereas I think last year they were doing more with Chris [D'Elia] and Brent [Morin].She went to Washington State University in Pullman, Washington. She was with the Olympic Ballet Theater as a Ballet Theater in Edmonds, Washington. After spending seven years as a ballet dancer, she decided to try mainstream acting.Kajlich has performed in the movies like alongside Busta Rhymes, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Ryan Merriman, Katee Sackhoff and other stars.She married Michael Catherwood on December 16, 2012. A Californian-born journalist is working in the radio station for a long time. As of July 2018, he is a recurring guest on The Jason Ellis Show on Sirius XM Faction Talk.The duo welcomed their first children Magnolia in April 2014. Her husband Michael Catherwood is a radio personality. He started his career by assisting Kevin and Bean Show on KROQ-FM. He is known for performing many vocal impersonations including Tom De Longe, Adam Carolla, Anthony Kiedis and Gene Simmons. In 2010, he became the co-host of the national call-in radio show Loveline with Dr. He also hosts Control Freak- a mini-documentary series that explores demographics that airs at Control Forever network.

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