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Those that do better, or much better, than the minimum can earn certification at the Advanced or Advanced level.Out of four tests, Bitdefender earned four Advanced ratings.In the general malware test it received Level 2 certification, which means that while it did not completely prevent every malware attack, it did remediate all attacks within 24 hours.When the testers at AV-Test Institute put an antivirus product up on the testing rack, they rate it in three areas: Protection, Performance, and Usability.

Bitdefender took the top certification, AAA, along with quite a few others.As with many modern security utilities, installation of Bitdefender involves going through your online account.Log into Bitdefender Central, enter your product key, and download protection. During the installation process, it runs a quick scan for active malware.Each of the independent antivirus testing labs takes its own approach to testing and scoring antivirus products.The more labs that include a product in testing, the more complete a picture I can get by looking at all their results.

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