Child discipline while dating

Are we all so perfect that no matter what, we can take a clear objective view of facts and deal with in a mature adult way, nope.

I am sure everyone at some point in their life, has been in a stressful enough situation that has cause their emotions to run so high as to make them take actions they later regretted. Even so, if this was a hypothetical situation, any opinion other than what's been expressed is only being argumentative, and, IMO, going way too far to be wrong minded. This isn't a case of fence sitting, or pondering all the variables.

As far as I am concerned, it IS a black and white issue.

Abuse is abuse, we wouldnt treat a dog this way, it should not be tolerated, ever, PERIOD !!!

I don't care about the assault, whether it be happening to a child or an adult, and "having a bad day" is no excuse.

OP you've done the right thing and I applaud your efforts, congrads.You may have just made the difference of a lifetime to this little one, dont ever forget that .......................Well I never think myself judgemental or part of a lynch mob - but if I ever saw this disgusting behaviour infront of my face - indeed I would, most definitely, become Judge and jury.NOTHING and I repeat nothing warrants that or any other form of misbehaviour on an adults part. Who knows if that would have been noticed by anyone else out there had it not been. The mother i reported in September will have her trial come to an end today .Smacking the child in the head was bad enough but all the other things that she said was just horrific. I will be taking the oldest daughter up to Stratford early this morning and we will be hoping that she is found guilty and punished appropriatly for the abuse she did to these poor children .

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