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It will restore your i Phone to a working condition and will solve your problem.Follow these steps in order to put your i Phone into Recovery Mode: Step-1: Wait till your device becomes normal from the Black Screen (It may take up to 15 seconds) or, you can also force reset it by pressing & holding both the Power and Volume Down button together until you see the Apple logo.You don’t need to worry about what is causing this problem in your device though as, I’ll provide you solutions without taking in sight the cause.This simply means that whatever may be the cause, these solutions will fix your issue.This problem is caused by the bug that came along with the i OS 10 update.Although, some users have also concluded this problem may be caused by certain problematic log files or even a virus corrupting the database of i Phone.However, sometimes these devices let their users down as they get stuck or crash.One common problem that a lot of i Phone users face after upgrading to i OS 10 is “i Phone Stuck on Black Screen with Spinning Wheel.” In this article, I will explain you how to solve this problem comfortably.

When I checked online for a solution every method seemed to suggest that the update was running in the background, whereas with my partner's we cannot get the computer to start up at all.

Quick Reminder: There are several solutions available to solve the “i Phone stuck on black screen with a spinning wheel” problem, luckily. You just have to try them one after another until one works out for you.

One more thing is that no tech mastery is needed to use these methods.

This problem leaves user bitter for their experience on i Phone.

Along with this, it also prevents a user from completing their desired task. As of now, there is no particular cause that give birth to the i Phone stuck on black screen with spinning wheel problem.

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