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He invites us to have a look around, and we all pile out.“This must really bring back some memories,” Dave says.“Yeah, this is crazy,” Taylor says.At 26, Swift is world famous, wealthy, critically celebrated, a style influencer, and a cultural movement unto herself, recognizable everywhere she goes.

The man’s name is Dave Schaeffer, and he has lived here with his wife, Debbie, for about six years.

Unfortunately, what Cj didn't tell us about texting women was...

We all love a bit of it, but rather than waste your time talking about scratch and sniff stickers or nap time, we decided to hit you with the big guns: the best '90s cartoons you’ve...

Taylor notices a man stepping into his car in the driveway.

The man immediately gives what can only be described as a Holy crap–it’s–Taylor Swift look.

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And yet today, in this chapel atop a hill in Reading, Pennsylvania, Swift is none of those things.

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  1. Gene snapped at her the last time they went there and accused Cindy of teasing some guy. Piercing, knowing eyes, square-set jaw, finely chiseled features framed with just enough salt and pepper hair to give a wiser, sophisticated handsome quality.