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One way to effectively do that is by consolidating your credit card debt.(For more, see: ) Debt consolidation is about taking several different loans and combining them into one.Debt consolidation isn’t for everyone, but if you examine your options closely, it may help you effectively manage and reduce your debt over time. Here you’ll find a wide range of helpful information, interactive tools, practical strategies, and more — all designed to help you increase your financial literacy and reach your financial goals. This calculator is designed to help determine whether debt consolidation is right for you.There are a number of reasons why you might want to do this, but there are usually a couple of major goals behind consolidation.First, consolidating your credit cards reduces several payments throughout the month to just one.

A debt consolidation loan can simplify your monthly payments into just one payment and may possibly result in lower monthly payment.Making more than the minimum payment can help pay off the loan faster.Some debt consolidation options offer low introductory rates to encourage customers to transfer high-rate balances, but these rates can skyrocket after the introductory period ends. Debt consolidation loans may also require that you pay your debt off over a specified amount of time.It’s common to pay between 17% APR and 22% APR on your credit cards.That’s a large chunk of your payment going toward interest each month instead of paying down the principal.

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