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Even if you and your partner are seeking the aid of a counselor mediator or a family friend, just talking about your relationship is not going to be enough.

If you really want to rebuild the foundation of love, trust, and respect that you once enjoyed with your partner, you are going to need to spend time with them and get to know them all over again.

It may be hard but even with all the help, support, love, and concern in the world (and in some cases even if they can overcome the fear).

It may not be enough to make your relationship work long-term.

So you have talked to your partner and the two of you have decided that you indeed love each other. You might have become so wrapped up in your new partner’s fear of commitment that you may have forgotten to ask yourself, "What do I want out of this relationship?

” You may be so certain that your partner is the only one with deep problems.

When you discover that your partner is cheating on you, you may wonder "what did I do to push them away? As a result, they are seeking to be appreciated, desired, and needed.Is it your sole concern and you are not thinking about the consequences of what's going to happen when you finally get there?You and your partner have finally reached the stage where they are getting over their fear of commitment.It takes time to build a lasting relationship, a relationship is also something not to be taken lightly it involves compromise and sharing the most intimate parts of your life is just something to keep in mind.Knowing what you want not only refers to what you want out of life as in your goals such as career family, education etc.

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