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We will be posting a more detailed explanation on our blog within the next week. Q: Does athlete fat oxidation rate vary continuously with carb intake? But when we test keto-adapted athletes, we routinely get values over 1 g/min.

Jeff Volek is currently doing a study in college students undergoing 3 months of keto-adaptation, so we should have a better answer some time this year. Phinney: Yes, blood levels of uric acid usually double in the first week of a ketogenic diet or with fasting. Phinney: Camelina comes from the same wild plant family (brassica) as Canola and mustard. Laura Saslow working with Professor Rick Hecht at UCSF did a randomized trial of a ketogenic diet vs standard mixed diet in people with type 2 diabetes.

Q: My daughter has high uric acid on KD, we don’t know if she did before KD, have you seen this before? This is because there is a competition between ketones and uric acid for excretion by the kidneys early in adaptation. It contains about 30% alpha-linolenic acid which is the omega-3 fatty acid also found in flax seed. Compared to the mixed diet, at 12 weeks the ketogenic group reported significant reductions in negative mood, diabetes distress, and sweet cravings.

As the adaptation process proceeds over a few months, the uric acid level comes down to normal levels even as nutritional ketosis continues, Thus this is a process of clearance (i.e., excretion), not over-production from dietary protein, and this temporary elevation in uric acid is usually harmless unless one is prone to gout. Thus in small quantities it can be a good vegetarian source of omega-3. We have seen similar improved mood and energy at 10 weeks in our Indiana University Health study.

We have found that when LDL cholesterol goes up on a carbohydrate-restricted diet, most of this increase is in the ‘good’ or ‘buoyant’ LDL fraction.In addition to that, if one can intermittently skip one or two meals per day without stimulating hunger and cravings, this may benefit some individuals. A lot of people I know from India, including my wife, are vegetarian and prediabetic or T2D.I am a T1 and now on keto diet, but I am not able to convince the vegetarians to eat meat. Phinney: A well-formulated ketogenic diet should consist of protein (meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy) in moderation, providing something in the range of 10-15% of daily energy intake.Thanks again to everyone who joined our recent Facebook Live session with Dr. We’ll be doing it again soon, and we’ll announce our next live event on Virta’s Facebook page. Phinney took it upon himself to answer many of the questions that didn’t get answered. Like other food intolerances, the most logical and effective approach to managing carbohydrate intolerance is to restrict sugars and starches to within the individual’s metabolic tolerance.If you don’t see your question, it was probably answered live. Q: Interested in reversing type 2 diabetes – is a ketogenic diet recommended?? A well-formulated ketogenic diet can not only prevent and slow down progression of type 2 diabetes, it can actually resolve all the signs and symptoms in many patients, in effect reversing the disease as long as the carbohydrate restriction is maintained.

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Q: Why are blood ketone values lower in the morning than in the afternoon/evening? But reduced morning ketones are not uncommon and likely due to the ‘dawn phenomenon’ associated with the early morning spike in cortisol. During rapid weight loss, cholesterol that you had stored in your adipose tissue (ie, body fat) can be mobilized, which will artificially raise serum LDL as long as the weight loss continues.

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