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Huber's house by purposely throwing her frisbee over the roof, giving her an excuse.

Julie and Susan find out that Zach Young has gone to a mental institution and Julie breaks in and her and Zach discuss his reasons for being there and what may have happened to "Dana".

Julie is shown to be smart and sophisticated and accompanies her mother to Mary Alice's wake.

She helps get information on Mike for her mother, Susan, so that the two can date.

Julie comes to Mike's house for Susan's "traditional 'welcome to the neighborhood' dinner parties" that she made up as an excuse to have dinner with Mike, Julie tags along.He'd escaped from the institution and he and Julie had been writing each other and he was staying in her room as she brought him food, Susan was completely unaware.Zach and Julie begin dating and Susan catches them making out, she demands that Paul do something about it but he says that he's moving anyway.Paul tells Zach the truth about Dana, and Zach blackmails him into staying on Wisteria Lane so that he can be with Julie.Susan confides in Julie that she doesn't want to have more kids, after Mike says he can't wait to have his own.

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When Edie (Susan's rival at the time) decides to invite herself along, Julie helps to talk her down and subtley make out that she is a slut.

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