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You may wonder then what basis I could possibly have for differentiating between all the ideas of morality that might present themselves to me, and why I would even bother trying to be moral at all.

Kierkegaard distinguished between the moral and aesthetic modes of life, devaluing the aesthetic as inferior. I live my life in such a way that my character and person have the quality of beauty.

Put another way, any pronouncement that something is either “right” or “wrong” in a moral sense can have no truth value and ultimately no objective meaning.

Einstein said: “I do not believe in the immortality of the individual and I consider ethics to be an exclusively human concern with no supernatural authority behind it.” I agree.

I will not make many friends with this book, but that is my lot in exposing many things people would prefer not to see or know about.

I wrote it out of during the most hellish time of my life.

Does its tone tell you I am angry or merely seeking a psychological expedient against the madness I see around me?

The book is my creation but is also in many ways foreign to me for I am living in a foreign land.

In fact, these are probably some of the more flattering things they think about us. Just because someone does not believe in absolute morality does not mean he cannot be passionately and powerfully devoted to a set of moral principles.

And a person thinking the word “wrong” has no factual meaning does not imply that she would have no objection, for instance, to priests putting their penises in seven-year-old boys’ mouths, no matter how much so many pious, holy, and venerated fathers of the church like doing such things.

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I am no literary genius and don’t expect everything I say to be understood, but if you would like to know what my experiences have been like, and what I am like, I will try my best to show you What do I think of this book? I find it odious and unattractive and am very saddened that I wrote it. It took on a life of its own and when I now step back and look at what I created I regard it with distaste.

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