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Here is why an online dating site needs so many active users in order to create a compelling user experience.Let’s assume the site has 100,000 users spread out equally in the U. The most basic search of just an age range, gender, and location, will immediately reduce the pool to less than a hundred profiles to browse through, which will take just a few minutes.

Simple — Facebook is the only company in the world that is capable of delivering the elusive ‘Holy Grails’ of Online Dating Apps that are necessary to create the truly extraordinary product experience that has been evading singles until now.So Facebook decided that the best thing to do was to ask its users to hand over access to their humiliating pick-up lines, their sexual fetishes, and, inevitably – if other dating apps are to go by – their nudes, in the name of dragging them through the hellish process that is modern dating.Zuck: The sanctity of your private info is extremely important. Zuck 5 minutes later: Please upload the contours of your sex life and desires directly into our app — Sam Biddle (@samfbiddle) May 1, 2018 This service launch comes alongside news that Facebook just had to sack one of their own employees for allegedly bragging about being a “professional stalker” thanks to the private access he gains to user profiles as a security engineer at Facebook (the chief security officer Alex Stamos also said that the social media giant had strict policy controls, and he was investigating whether they had been abused).And I can confidently say ‘No’ — quite the contrary.I believe that Facebook will be the ‘Gateway Dating App’ that ‘pops the dating cherry’ for tens of millions of singles who have never previously tried online dating.

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