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I'm sure anyone with children who has been a part of creating and promoting this app would agree with me.. Hopefully this can be addressed before it hits major news networks.. Meanwhile, we also have a smart moderation system for reporting bad behavior! We really appreciate for your careful suggestion and we do have protection policy for kids and teens!

HOLLA will do every effort to maintain a healthy community. Meanwhile, we also have a smart moderation system for reporting bad behavior! If you’re looking to make some new friends or even just expand your following on social media, then this is the place for you.

* We dramatically improved the match experience for our female users ;)* Fixed bugs and optimized user experience If you haven't yet, follow us on IG for lots of awesome mini games and giveaways! Mostly it's just guys so you're basically pushed to buy gems for specific genders.

Half the time, you get matched with people who don't even speak English after selecting English only (should be country matching as well). The amount of perverted old creeps and children that use this is insane.. Kind a like standing in the elevator just on your cell phone.

Pleasuring you in more ways than you could imagine with my tongue, hands, lips, boobs, pussy and arse.

I offer a number of different services to suit your individual sexual desires and can be tailor made to suit you.

Useful Match Tips For Icebreakers:• Say hi and play WOULD YOU RATHER game to know more about each other’s personality in first step!

This has been tested so many times and it really works! This could add more spice to your chatting experience!

sydney escorts, brisbane escorts, melbourne escorts, perth escorts.HOLLA will do every effort to maintain a healthy community. I’d say that the negative experiences from this app come from weird people, boring people, and those who are too afraid to chill out and be themselves.You’re gonna get flashed by boys and girls alike, but they get banned pretty fast lol. It’s better than a lot of the trash on this App Store. Erotic services Added by scarlett Erotic massage with happy ending loves to suck cock, can swallow Hi my name is Scarlett.I am a very horny Aussie girl, size 10/12 with DD natural boobs And shaved pussy.

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