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If you want a game plan, you can create one to follow. But be aware that not everyone is playing by the same rules, and even if they’re in what seems like the same game, they might be operating with an entirely different scoring system.

While it might be difficult at times, or seem insensitive, maybe honesty is still the best policy and all the game-playing should be left to those who are getting paid to do it.

A number of suspicious deaths later, the two are fighting off monsters from another dimension and trying to come up with ways to explain an ever-increasing number of corpses to the authorities.

I don’t know what “soy sauce that wasn’t really soy sauce” is, but it does sound like Chinese food is involved. The book, which had espoused what seemed to amount to a plan of playing hard to get, was one of those things that grated: Could it be that simple and calculated, that it was all a game?

Then Evan published his next book, “Why You’re Still Single: Things Your Friends Would Tell You If You Promised Not to Get Mad,” a title which actually made me a little mad, but the book itself was a funny, relatable “he-said, she-said” of a read that made me feel a little better. Over the years, Evan and I have become friends, and usually I get to see him when I’m in LA, and we talk about dating and relating and all that.

He’s funny, and it’s “smart-funny,” not “stupid-funny.” (Plus, although he woulda been a contenduh even with his long curly hair, the new “clean-cut” style really brings out those eyes, that smile…) Even so, somehow I never thought of Evan as a SSOTM until I read his latest article in’s Happen Magazine, chronicling what it’s like to be the “Last Single Guy Standing“: Then I hit my mid-thirties.

I’ve certainly mentioned him before–I met him about three years ago, in the early days of my column, at a UJC Young Leadership conference in Washington, DC, where he spoke to a packed room of frustrated daters about what they’re doing wrong with their dating profiles.

I suddenly felt something beyond longing for connection… I found myself with a real sense of urgency about settling down. I actually found myself thinking things like, “If I fell in love tomorrow, got engaged in six months, got married in a year and had a child a year later, I’d still be in my late fifties by the time my kid graduated college.” No more nuts than any of the rest of us who lived our lives imagining our own marriage timelines.

He asks you out.” This is very simple advice, perhaps brilliantly simple. Just like women can be shy around guys they like, couldn’t the same be true for guys?

Aren’t there men who need the encouragement in advance, to bolster their confidence that, if they ask, they’re assured a ‘yes’?

That is, the sex in this book isn't like the sex in movies, or porno movies, or 99% of books about sex--it's real: funny, confusing, gross, thrilling, and occasionally beautiful. Thomsen writes with wit, intelligence, and impressive candor about things most people are too embarrassed to discuss.

The end product is a book that everyone--virgins and experts alike--will find engrossing, illuminating, and absolutely hilarious.

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There comes a time in every dating columnist’s life when she must acknowledge that her time is past and that a new generation has risen.

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