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Eventually, the two of them run across after being fired at by their Lieutenant. Lieu calls the three of them into his office and, after lecturing them, sends them on a special mission to Timberland to find Red survivors and gather intel.

During a Red Team training exercise, Simmons becomes frightened while attempting to cross a narrow bridge. Another Red soldier named Dexter Grif then appears, after failing to show up on time, and refuses to cross the bridge as well.After the operation, Simmons' remaining organs — except for his spleen, are transplanted to Grif in order to save his life after he is run over by Sheila. So, the Reds make a trade of two robots to save Donut, but are confused upon seeing Lopez and Shelia together and then being attacked by O'Malley.The Reds and Blues are then forced to work together to fight O'Malley off.The two teams follow O'Malley into the Reds' teleporter, but with the teleporter malfunctioning, each character is separated, sending Simmons (alone) into the Teleporter Nexus.In Season 3, Simmons attempts to reunite the teams, finding Sarge and Caboose first.

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He's very self-conscious, as he considers suicide after Sarge demotes him, runs back to Blue base to cry after Church calls him a know-it-all, only uses his own toilet at home, and usually seeks approval from several characters in the series.

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