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Spending time on the friendship in a variety of ways (cards, time together, phone calls, Facebook) can help keep it a priority for both individuals involved.

While good friends don't need to spend time together constantly, they do think of each other regularly and take time to nurture their relationship.

Gayle could probably share a lot of details about Oprah but she doesn't because the trust level between the two is high.

Trust means that you feel comfortable sharing your feelings or the details of your life because you know your friend won't gossip behind your back or throw it back in your face.

A healthy friendship includes plenty of gentle honesty and not people being fake just to get your approval or avoid an argument.

In a positive friendship, your pal won't lie to you, but they won't try and hurt your feelings either.

That's why great friends will nurture your relationship yet still encourage you to meet people and try new things without them.

A healthy friendship means that sometimes the two of you spend time apart, and that's okay.

Sometimes these boundaries are openly discussed and other times it's just a natural extension of the friendship.

And what weakens, or even destroys, a relationship?

It all comes down to a few simple relationship rules.

Because your friend helps you be a strong version of yourself, you feel free to establish your own identity.

This means sometimes you'll spend time with your best friend and other times you'll be on your own doing other things. Just look at a friendship like the one between Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King.

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