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Later, after warranties have expired on the new models, and owners gain experience with performing their own repairs, more complex repair, overhaul and upgrade operations will be covered in the Repair and Upgrade Operations How-To section of this site.To my knowledge manuals for the latest model Rovers are no longer available in paper form, unfortunately. On the good side, the new documentation is more comprehensive than the old paper manuals, and the expense is well worth while.

This "feature", which the Classic Range Rover certainly never had, was finally eliminated in the Discovery 3/LR3 suspension design which gave a much smoother and quieter ride over rough terrain akin to the original Range Rover ideal as expressed in the Classic.In spite of the periodic news from Land Rover that their famous quality control problems are solved, they still appear to lag behind other manufacturers in this field.Here we attempt to address some of the commonly encountered problems, based on the personal experiences of owners as well as information gleaned from professional Land Rover mechanics and other sources.The system seems to be somewhat improved in reliability, and I have heard fewer reports of problems than with the earlier model. For quick diagnosis and repair, see the page on Mk III RR Air Suspension: Diagnosing and Fixing the Most Common Problems.The RR III suspension makes very loud banging and clonking noises when traversing rough terrain at anything faster than a crawl.

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A vehicle intended to be driven far from civilization should be designed to make it easy for owners to overcome malfunctions in the field due to minor faults.

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