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When we wrote the Season 2 finale, we did not know who was going over the balcony.We love both of those characters and both of those actresses — and we didn’t want to lose either one of them.In truth, we didn’t write him to behave that way in order to give Cookie that motivation, but it plays into it.It’s who Lucious is and it’s what Cookie is coming to see.And while we had every intention of having both of those characters in our stories for years to come, we had to think about how we’d set up the Anika story for Season 3.

Did you feel like it was necessary to go there to justify Cookie’s decision to truly break from him romantically?

Jilted groom Hakeem shows up at Tiana’s and while her mouth says “pull up your pants, fool,” her eyes look misguidedly wistful about the visit.

Shyne is back, and no longer playing the drunken jester: He crashes Hakeem’s recording session, violently assault’s Hakeem’s producer, and (improbably) winds up (with his own protege Nessa) laying down tracks for the youngest Lyon son later in the week.

IT AIN’T OVER ‘TIL THE WHITE LADY SEETHES | Talk about me burying the lede!

Rhonda returns at the end of the hour — in Andre’s imagination — and she is in full Machiavellian, “tell me about how you took Deputy Mayor Alvarez in the bathroom” mode.

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