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(2) The brain can send the signal, but the thyroid doesn’t produce enough. It does you no good to pummel yourself with thyroid hormones unless they’re actually going to get into the cells, punch into work and do the job. When you’re in a state of stress, you can cause thyroid issues. I gave myself hypothyroidism because I followed a low-fat diet and was overtraining and eating every 2-3 hours a day.

I was misdiagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome. It looked like that on the ultrasound, but no one was questioning why a 30 year-old with normal health is having this problem.

It dishes out the very important fat-burning hormone called T3.

if you were to go online and google it, you would come up with thousands of bodybuilding sites. Those bodybuilders jam themselves with T3 for weeks to shed fat quickly, and often screw up their thyroid in the process. The pituitary at the base of the brain can sense if you have enough thyroid in the blood.

Before I get into how badly I suffered because of doctors using 1973 protocols, I want to start off by saying: Everyone has a thyroid gland.

You would die without it or if you don’t have adequate thyroid hormones.

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After battling two bouts of severe hypothyroidism including an acute Reverse T3 problem, she wrote The Paleo Thyroid Solution.

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