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She happened into acting almost by accident, discovered by her future agent not at an audition but at a flea market. We start to piece together what happened to her, and why she was important, through all of these flashbacks. Imaginative as in “I had an illegitimate baby with my best friend’s evil twin and now I have to break the news to my husband?

For years, she drifted in and out of acting, doing blockbuster films like, and then taking time off to travel the world, spending months in Africa and India.

Since is a remake, I guess we don’t have to worry too much about spoilers.

Any part that you play as an actor, you’re creating your own reality. So exploring this idea of death and what it is and what it means, really delving into this thing that’s very foreign to me, at least at this point in my life, it can be creatively inspiring. What’s more difficult, doing a death scene or a sex scene? Okay, so then what’s more frightening, doing a death scene or a sex scene? Whether it’s about sex or death, you should be confronting those topics as an actor, and that’s never comfortable. The Aboriginals are still very connected to their culture. I learned about Dreamtime, which is their faith, the story of creation. You acting career began inauspiciously; you were apparently discovered by an agent at a flea market in Australia. When she approached me, I remember instinctively feeling like I trusted her, that there was a door opening, and it was incredibly organic. It felt like life was asking me to trust the synchronicity from her. I’ve always been guided by own intuition, and I really sensed that I could trust Sharron.

Last July while doing his promotional rounds for Transformers: Dark of the Moon—the (dreadful) third installment in director Michael Bay’s vacuous orgy of twisted metal—the actor gave some serious blue steel on the cover of the August issue of Details, bearing the headline, “Hollywood’s Last Bad Boy.”In the accompanying interview, La Beouf defended a bar fight he got into in February that landed him in handcuffs (“My bullshit meter is tuned very sensitive”); confessed to seeing Megan Fox—who was dating her future husband, Brian Austin Green, at the time—during the making of 2007’s Transformers and “philandering around” with his Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen co-star, Isabel Lucas, then reportedly involved with Entourage’s Adrian Grenier; and crapped on his poorly received films, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (“trying to play nice”) and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (“None of us had any clue what we were doing”). Up until that point, however, La Beouf’s film résumé lacked the street cred of his “bad boy” idols Warren Beatty and Sean Penn.

But when she gets going, Lucas has some impressive stories, like what she learned from living with the Aboriginals, doing pre-sex vodka shots with a Jonas Brother, and how life, like a Terrence Malick movie, doesn’t always need a script. The criminally underrated 2006 drama A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints brought La Beouf a sliver of indie cred, but only managed to earn million at the box office.In 2007, he was immediately vaulted to the Hollywood A-list, with starring roles as a young boy who suspects his neighbor of murder in the thriller Disturbia, and as Sam Witwicky, a dorky high-school kid who is thrust into the middle of an alien robot war in Transformers, with the latter grossing more than 0 million worldwide.When asked why he agreed to work for the controversial von Trier, La Beouf replied, “Because he’s dangerous. If you believe most of what’s written about the 29 year-old Australian actress, her life is a Hollywood whirlwind of dating A-list studs, chilling with rock stars at Coachella, and vamping on red carpets. There’s a lot of similarities with the Native American Indians, how their history has unraveled. So it wasn’t like the cliché of a show business agent walking up to a teenager and slipping them their card? I was always very shy growing up, so acting probably wouldn’t have been something I’d naturally seek out if it wasn’t for meeting her.

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