Late 1950s dating habits

No more marathon viewings of Elvis movies, and Horton Heat videos!

No more calling up your friends in the middle of the night to find out what's cool and what isn't!

Complete your outfit with high heels which will give you blisters within 5 minutes of having them on your feet and you're off! Throw around some big names, like Carl Perkins, Charlie Feathers, or Wanda Jackson.

Now that you're throwing around your new slang, it's on to your NEW LOOK Part II: Dressing Yourself Like A Greaser Are you talking like a real greaser yet? Now lets get you some help for that sorry appearance of yours... Without it, you may just be mistaken for some hippie kid, and that would be devastating to your new persona. As long as it stains your pillowcases and leaves marks on your mom's couch you've probably got the right idea. Other accessories which will add to your new RAB look: -A long wallet chain -A whole fuckin' bunch of tattoos; preferably old sailor flash, pin-up girls, and hotrods. You can make do with a Bic pen, a needle and a friend with patience and a strong stomach). (This will be addressed further in future chapters) -Beer.If you don't like leopard print then the exciting rockabilly lifestyle may not be for you.You'll want several leopard prints dresses, purse, belts, gloves, shoes, dog leashes, etc. Dye it black and whack yourself up some little bangs.Many people claim that committee members brought personal agendas into the planning of events and meetings resulting in financially non-viable events.Whether run for profit, or not for profit, breaking even, at least, should be a goal if the festival/weekend is to become an annual event with ongoing support. To get an event of this sort up and running takes vast expertise, and sustained energy.

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It needs a group of enthusiastic people, with diverse skills and interests, willing to put in time to shape an event where all dance schools, clubs and dancers feel welcome and included. Then build on it, when we have perfected the formula, and the right set of individuals to run it.

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