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When this trait is exhibited in music, it may overlap with Not Christian Rock.Long story short, anything can be considered symbolic in the right frame of mind.They look for the perfect company to enhance their image.Once they find the right kind of person, they are loyal, committed and can become the ideal partner.So, if today is your birthday or if you know of someone born at this time, why not let them know how much you appreciate them?

Contrast Rule of Symbolism, when something symbolic.They have a need to find new and exciting social venues where the most interesting people hang out.Because Libras are social creatures who never want to miss out on the coolest event or most major happening in town they often don’t commit to plans until the last minute.If Faux Symbolism is used purely in naming people or things, it's Squat's in a Name, a subtrope of this.Be wary though that this trope can be used not to point out use of fake symbolism but to shut down discussion of what may actually be legitimate observation; remember, just because you may not personally understand or like a piece of symbolism doesn't change whether or not it .

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Some would say that’s superfici Libras tend to be marvelous conversationalists with diverse interests.

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