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Knowing both areas very well, Amy pinpointed the problem: there were more available men in Silicon Valley than San Fran and more available women in San Fran than Silicon Valley.With their family, friends, and careers being in their respective cities, making the 50-minute car trip to meet someone special wasn’t at the forefront of their minds, Amy explained.Every aspiring member must be recommended by a former or current member, a friend or contact of Amy’s, or the like.Amy receives dozens of referrals every day and screens each candidate herself.“That was my ‘aha moment’ where I thought ‘What if I were to bridge this gap and create these opportunities for these great women in San Francisco and these great men in Silicon Valley? Amy then spent the next 3 years doing as much research as she could, using her business-oriented mind to get a better idea of the market and demand for this type of matchmaking business.

While other matchmaking firms might accept anyone who applies, Linx has an extensive referral-based vetting system that makes their clientele stand out from the rest.

They’ll then get to ask Amy questions about their match and take the time they need to decide for themselves if they think it’s right.

During this time, Amy also makes sure the clients don’t know each other, whether through work or social circles or even previous online dating adventures, so everyone has a clean slate.

And whether they’re 22 or 72, Asian or Latino, attorneys or artists, Amy is looking for people who are intelligent, healthy, relationship-minded, accomplished, ambitious, and leading interesting lives overall.

“As long as somebody is passionate about their career, that’s what I’m looking for.

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“People derive the answers that they’re looking for from the meet-and-greet, and that’s really important because anybody who goes down that road to become a client, I want to make sure they feel ready to embrace this process.” If the meet-and-greet goes well, they’ll come back for a follow-up interview with Amy before choosing the membership that’s best for them and getting started on the matchmaking.

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