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Until now, I hadn’t thought to consider how my personal actions, however small, extended to a larger web of oppression.

Our stories are personal and potent, yet they are also connected.

He was the founder of the alternative learning space I worked for, a school that taught young children how to express their emotions. At first we’d meet at restaurants and go on outings around town with other friends, but soon there were long, late-night conversations that led to kissing on the edge of my bed. My mother had always taught me that a good man would do exactly that, and even though the urban, progressive elite in me scoffed at that idea, in practice I acquiesced to it quite easily. After sneaking into a local circus to see the elephants, we ended up on the street outside a strip mall.

I was impressed by a man so invested in emotional intelligence. From a nearby cart, Sam bought a thick wedge of , a rolled leaf with areca nut and tobacco that’s meant to be chewed and spit out for a momentary high.

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He kissed my forehead and, for a moment, I felt a fatherly presence. Most of them were flings and short-lived romances, sparked through spontaneous meetings at social gatherings or, like Sam, through work.

I saw things in my past relationships that I’d never seen before, especially the one with Sam.

Looking back, I realized he’d claimed a subtle ownership over me by being my boss and paying for everything.

But the grander point is this: I had been far more entrenched in the muck of our collective experience than I’d cared to admit.

I like to imagine an alternative culture in which we allow boys and young men to mature emotionally from the start, and a culture that allows women to age gracefully, peaking in magnitude and sexual prowess as they get older.

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