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Trump will have to declare martial law after the reset and resulting cataclysm.He was sweet; his suit looked a bit too big for him, and I immediately thought of the quintessential photos you see of male Latino pensioners. “Mi princesssa…” he hissed with a wide grin, turning his wrinkled and liver-spotted neck to keep his gaze on me as I picked up my pace.My head was swimming as I marched along the street, thinking disgustedly about how many grandchildren he probably had.Stock averages (DOW) divided by real money or gold, PPI or CPI show 2000 as the true top.PS Elliott Wave Theory says we are at nadir of wave B or fools rally aka bear market rally. Says Prophet Delwyn Lounsbury - The Deflation Guru PS Don't plan on the markets coming back anytime soon this time.

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