Oblivion dating system

Hell, make the companions have special dates (like hunting Legionaries for Boone, for example) sinee they are 'special' npcs.Then, after a certain point in the 'quest', you could get fade to black options to 'kiss' and such, and even asign were they 'live'.OR cash register one time and avoid entry your nascence date everytime you access age-restricted material. Minister of propaganda fever Ray commented on moneymike08’s dating roughly re: twisted metal Multiplayer demo Incoming.Dcoke25 commented on Wes Carroll’s post close to re: official resident evil apparel Terrorizes Our Wallet. Usul SK commented on Ben Reeves’s post roughly XCOM: enemy unknown Ask The Developer.

After this you would get a few 'quests' to take them to places like a bar and buy them a drink. Include some generic fluff (or as fluffy as the wasteland gets, because it has to be in character for people like Cass and even Boone) conversation.

: See here Windom Earles Oblivion Crash Prevention System - Currently not available for download, but worth mentioning it is either unhelpful or problem causing so do not use. In the Binary box navigate to where you have steam installed.

So, you can play the mod for a while to familiarize yourself with it, and then, bring your own cool ideas and mods to the table.

I'd certainly like to have this option with Sunny Smiles. Davin is rumored to be "friendly" with local brahmin The Vault wiki - Davin And his sister Miria is well "friendly" to anything too The Vault wiki - Miria I sorta support this.

But i'd raise you that while an NPC in a static location would be nice...

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