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These “specific type” cities are great for a certain type of guys, but you can’t say they’re hot on the overall.

To determine an “overall” hot city, we need to make sure that women who are attractive are common.

Segmented Cities One place where these methods fall down is in cities that are highly segmented.

Miami, for example, has very “hot” areas and very “ugly” areas. Well, if you say it’s not, that’s not quite accurate.

With advances in fracking technology, prospectors finally had the necessary tools for extraction.

Yet, as the 10th anniversary of New York's Great Gas Rush approaches, the stakes marking the spot for well pads – symbols of once-giddy anticipation of striking it rich — are overgrown or gone, like forgotten gravestones.

I’ve segmented the chart into three sections to make it more clear.

Again, if you’re looking for a super-accurate, scientific way of determining this, I can’t give it to you (and nor can anyone else), but if you’re looking for a good idea, I think these methods work.If you say it is, you need to qualify what you’re saying.Once again, we have to do the best we can with the limited tools available to us. Invariably guys will recommend simply visiting a huge college campus in the target city and using that to gauge the hotness of the area. Colleges are not an overall indicator of that city for a few reasons: 1.I’ve reviewed many cites on the blog, and have discussed the relative attractiveness of women in these cities as compared to others. Yet when I’ve made these statements, I’ve been very careful not to state this in terms of the women I like, but in terms of what most men would like.This got me thinking about exactly how certain cities are more attractive than others (in terms of women who live there), and also how to measure this level of attractiveness. I have very specific tastes in women that are shared by some guys but not others.

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I don’t think it’s 100% accurate, but I think it’s reasonably close, again based on what most men would like.

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