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Dated to 9.7 million years, the tooth was unearthed in the ancient riverbed of the Rhine and belonged to an -like species similar to the famous “Lucy.” This “Ur-Rhine” site is a hotbed of fossils that has led to the discovery of 25 new species in 15 years.

So far, two mystery ape teeth—an upper left canine and an upper left molar—have been discovered in this 10-million-year-old level of sediment. However, these southern analogues would not emerge for another four million years.

However, this was not uniform across the Neanderthal world.

The teeth from El Sidron indicated a vegetarian forest diet consisting of mushrooms, pine nuts, and moss.

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What’s more, one El Sidron specimen shows evidence of self-medication for a tooth abscess and a parasite known as Microsporidia.If this is your first time banging a granny, we know you are probably nervous. Long after flesh and bone has turned to dust, teeth remain.Blackened soil lumps, charred bones, and a 300,000-year-old hearth attest to the cave’s long relationship with controlled conflagration.Most experts believe that humans first harnessed fire about a million years ago.

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