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theses room could be a little more cleaner .giles is a racist c**t to certain blacks and Mexicans is my second complaint and nothing was done so this time im reporting everybody a**.Reply SPRINGFIELD, MO —- WINDSPRING on Kingsley Street. I am a long term – consistently paying – Good, Mild, Law Abiding – CUSTOMER! POLICE have evicted me while my corporate people are trying to understand and find the personnel to make a payment. Keith’s room because she is screwing him and getting money from him another one is always screwing the black guys.

I am normally, for the past year, asked if I am staying and then left to have my people make the arrangements. of humanity as the most recent at pm with the new un-comprehending ignorant Tattoo covered mgmnt stand-in stomping down the hall announcing SHE IS calling the POLICE! It is Demeaning to my Character, being and to me openly treated like one of the overstay criminal element which IS HOUSED here. I do have the dates and events of the activities, responses and actions. The maintenance man had to cut out screen because our lock on our door broke which they knew so they said we broke the window also he walks in on people especially women when they are naked without knocking smokes crack on the job also screws guests. The new General manager says put sheets that have cigarette burns on them on the third floor where they smoke and he won’t be there much because he will have another job where he will be making his money.

As of today, there are 44000 extended stay hotels in the U.

S., which accounted for about billion in revenue in 2016. Answer 3: Wood Spring Hotel was founded by Jack De Boer in 2002.

No they do not because the same stains in the same area s were there the whole time I was there, I had to dodge those areas everyday and they were old crusted on stains. Anyone reading this,, beware, because they do not care!!!!! Word of mouth can build a business and it can kill it.

Whoever decided to allow smoking in this building was obviously thinking only of money and not anyone’s health. I want my money back and I will make it my mission to tell everyone I come in contact with to avoid this hotel.

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I have been in and out of hotels, traveling but by far, THISONE WAS THE WORST!

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