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The effect of tort reform in this case was to limit the husbands non-economic damages from 2,500 million to 0,000.

One involved an economics professor who alleged he was wrongfully forced out. Weve got a complete statewide list of candidates for all races, district, circuit, family, KYCOA and SCOKY.

County has agreed to pay 0,000 to settle claims brought by female inmates who alleged they were sexually abused by jail officials. edition of the Expert Encyclopedia is coming in a few weeks. Weve linked the KYCOA opinion and the SCOKY discretionary review grant. And that Kentucky has a high likelihood of success on appeal.

Lopez is an infant who was allegedly beaten by his father and suffered a serious head injury, effectively rendering the infant brain-dead. The court ruled that as the child was brain-dead and the condition was irreversible, there was no medical decision for the parents to make. Id have to wonder if there are any prior to that time (thats when the KTCR started) that would make the list. The estate sought discretionary review and it was granted. up to 0,000 on the contract) has donated ,150 directly to the governor.] The motion explains it will all be too uncertain for everyone if there isnt a stay.

Plaintiffs motion for summary judgment Get your subscription online at our store. Jones has replied publicly that he disagrees with the lawsuit but remains thankful local media is covering it.

The February 2014 KTCR Preview Subscribe today to the Kentucky Trial Court Review See previews from our other state issues. 2-3-2014 The State of Tennessee passed tort reform in 2012 that limited non-economic damages (think pain and suffering) in most cases to just 0,000.

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The third index is by attorney, identifying which experts are used by a particular attorney. 6-19-2014 Taking a look back today at the ten largest personal injury verdicts in Kentucky from 1998 to 2013. The trial judge (John David Caudill) granted summary judgment finding the suicide itself was an intervening and superseding cause to any misconduct by the school. The Kentucky Court of Appeals affirmed in July of 2013. Heyburn reasoned: It is best that these momentous changes occur upon full review, rather than risk premature implementation or confusing changes.

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