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Now, this of course could mean they aren't really a couple, but just hanging out and having fun.

However, Kasey captioned a photo shared on April 2: "Nothing is more beautiful than love that has weathered the storms of life!

Singer is having trouble breaking up with his former mistress, Kasey Dexter.

Following a report confirming Singer had filed documents he hoped would get Dexter out of his home in Florida, a new report claims Dexter hasn't been compliant with the former of Ramona Singer had filed a motion for default on Wednesday, February 7, after Kasey Dexter “failed to serve or file any paper as required by law.” Over a week beforehand, Singer had slapped Dexter with an eviction notice that accused her of unlawfully living at his home without consent.

Dexter was given 30 minutes to remove her things and allegedly felt that she shouldn't enter the home alone. Because Kasey Dexter was unable to retrieve all of her belongings this week, she is reportedly scheduled to return to the home they once shared in the coming days to get the rest.

In the meantime, she is reportedly staying with the man she allegedly cheated on Mario Singer with.

“He told her that he wants to ruin her life and bring her down. Still, our source insists that “Kasey didn’t mean to hurt him, she just fell in love with someone else.” Mario did not return our request for comment.

, may have cheated on him, but when he attempted to have her formally evicted from the home they once shared in Palm Beach, Florida, she reportedly threw a major fit and began making threats against the former "Real Housewives of on a camera hidden in his home.As has been shown already, Ramona is having fun dating now that she is officially divorced from her former husband of more than 20 years Mario Singer. Kasey hasn't held back when it comes to sharing photos of herself with Mario on Instagram.From playing golf to kissing him on the dock at night to taking a selfie with him on an airplane, the two spend a lot of time together.“I don’t know what he’s capable of,” Dexter told the authorities.What goes around comes around, especially for Ramona Singer‘s ex-husband.

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As "Real Housewives of New York City" fans may remember, Singer cheated on his ex-wife, Ramona Singer, with Dexter years ago after 27 years of marriage.

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