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Having a fixed rate loan means you’ll lock in the rate you were approved for over the entire life of the loan.

While fixed rates are higher, they provide peace of mind variable loans don’t.

With a variable APR of 3.40% under the same conditions, your monthly payment will be 5.67.

Before you consider borrowing funds for school privately, you should fill out a FAFSA and see what Federal financial aid you qualify for.

That said, how does Wells Fargo’s student loan stack up to Federal loans?

The funds will automatically be sent to your school according to when the school requires it.Grants and scholarships are always good to apply for as well, as they don’t need to be paid back.Private student loans tend to have higher interest rates and less favorable terms, and should be seen as a last resort to cover any tuition or living expenses you may have.An “extended” term is good and bad: you’ll likely have a lower monthly payment with a 15 year term, but a longer term also means you’ll pay more over the life of the loan (due to interest).While it may seem like you have years until you need to worry about paying your loans back, it’s smart to consider the consequences now.

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