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Table 3 summarizes those SQL Server 2005 functions used for authentication and message integrity purposes [5].Table 3: Signing and Signature Verification Function -- use the database tempdb USE tempdb -- create symmetric key 'Another Asymmetric Key' -- using the 2048-bit RSA encryption algorithm -- and encypt the key using the password -- 'Very Very Strong Password' CREATE ASYMMETRIC KEY Another Asymmetric Key WITH ALGORITHM = RSA_2048 ENCRYPTION BY PASSWORD = N'Very Very Strong Password'; -- create temp table for inserting data CREATE TABLE Asymmetric Temp ( Id INT IDENTITY(1,1) PRIMARY KEY, Plain Text NVARCHAR(100), Cipher Text VARBINARY(MAX), Signature VARBINARY(MAX) ); -- declare and set varible @str to store plaintext DECLARE @str NVARCHAR(100); SET @str = N'60000'; -- insert data into Asymmetric Temp INSERT INTO Asymmetric Temp (Plain Text, Cipher Text, Signature) VALUES ( @str, Encrypt By Asym Key(Asym Key_ID('Another Asymmetric Key'), @str), Sign By Asym Key(Asym Key_ID('Another Asymmetric Key'), @str, N'Very Very Strong Password') ); -- display data in table SELECT * FROM Asymmetric Temp; -- check the integrity of the data stored by checking -- the signature against the plaintext SELECT Plain Text, CONVERT(NVARCHAR(100), Decrypt By Asym Key(Asym Key_ID('Another Asymmetric Key'), Cipher Text, N'Very Very Strong Password')) AS Decrypted, CASE WHEN Verify Signed By Asym Key(Asym Key_Id('Another Asymmetric Key'), Plain Text, Signature) = 1 THEN N'The data has not been changed.' ELSE N'The data has been modified!If the data has not been changed since its signing, the function will output the value 1, otherwise 0. Next, we update the plaintext by appending an extra "0" to the string, thereby modifying the data.We again check the integrity of the data using the function.This article is the third and final piece of a three-part series exploring cryptographic systems and encrypting data within a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database.It explores techniques for encrypting data in a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database using asymmetric encryption.In particular, a sender can encrypt their message using their private key.

' END AS Integrity Check FROM Asymmetric Temp; -- delete key and table DROP ASYMMETRIC KEY Another Asymmetric Key; DROP TABLE Asymmetric Temp; to hold the digital signatures for each record.

The three parts proceed as follows: Two previous article of ours, An Overview of Cryptographic Systems and Encrypting Database Data and Using Symmetric Encryption in a SQL Server 2005 Database, explored cryptosystem fundamentals and looked at encryption support in Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

We compared and contrasted symmetric and asymmetric encryption, examined SQL Server 2005's key management, and saw examples of how to use T-SQL commands to create symmetric keys and to use these keys to encrypt and decrypt data.

Unfortunately, as one might guess from the previous sections, SQL Server Management Studio is lacking when it comes to wizard-based creation of keys and certificates.

Therefore, it is impossible for a developer to completely rid him or herself from writing a little T-SQL.

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