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He will often attack the flightless beings below him for no other reason than to satisfy his scorn.Though more intelligent than his close friend and partner Skywarp, his superiority in this realm is the only thing he is sure of.He aided the Decepticons in their building of their new base constructed of parts from Harrison Nuclear Power Plant and joined in their attack on Sparkplug Witwicky's auto repair shop.After the successful abduction of Sparkplug Witwicky, Thundercracker, Skywarp, and Starscream defended their base from Autobots, though Gears and Spider-Man were able to sneak through and rescue Sparkplug.Though Sparkplug Witwicky was able to devise a way for the Decepticons to convert Earth fuel into a usable substance, he also poisoned the result, so Thundercracker and his fellow Decepticons were immobilized at the climax of their would-be final battle with the Autobots.The Decepticon Shockwave took command of the Decepticons and the Ark shortly thereafter, and nursed Thundercracker and his comrades back to full health.

I have tried to uncheck and chek the script debugging buttons in Internet Options.Regardless, he needs constant reassurance that he's where he needs to be. He was deactivated when it crashed on Earth, and he lay dormant for four million years.When he and his fellow Decepticons awoke, Thundercracker was given a new altmode, that of an Earth jet.On another occasion, he and Skywarp made a strafing run on two Autobot spies, Jazz and Sunstreaker.Jazz was deafened and blasted off the road, but Sunstreaker led them into a human military zone, prompting Megatron to call them back to base.

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  1. I still unsure as to what was causing this problem. On Row Updating="gv_Row Updating" On Pre Render="gv_Pre Render" On Row Command="gv_Row Command" On Selected Index Changed="gv_Selected Index Changed" On Row Canceling Edit="gv_Row Canceling Edit" On Row Editing="gv_Row Editing" ID="gv" runat="server" Data Key Names="Id, Title, Active" Auto Generate Columns="False" Cell Padding="0" Tab Index="2" Tool Tip="Top Levels" ok, it just got more weird for me.