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to is often common, depending on how far away the destination is.

This agreement applies to you and to other persons (as your guests) who may accompany you on these adventures.

Many of our members have made friendships that carry beyond our posted events.https://secure.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/6/8/5/9/600_461486713What we’re not... We like to do other things; movie nights, dinners, bbq’s, wine tasting, dancing, and more. While a large number of our members are from Tacoma and the immediately surrounding area, we have members that join us on a regular basis from Olympia, Bremerton, Auburn and other areas.

We've grown, but Tacoma is where we got our start and most of our events continue to be planned with the idea that we’re leaving from the Tacoma area. While our group is primarily comprised of members who are single, this is not a dating site.

Been in tacoma since I was 16 years old I like to build and fix stuff that's broken I had my own landscaping business and then I got onto constrction I am strong and healthy at 5'6 and 165ibs i had brown hair but bald Easy going, intelligent, super Scorpio (rising sign is also Scorpio), that desires passionate, kinky and discreet encounters/relationship with female(s) that are sexy, sexual and accepting of their own sexuality.

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If you have any questions, please send them to Rob P. This is a dirt trail and during inclement weather it will be muddy, so wear appropriate footwear. It tends to be a fast pace so be physically ready for that.

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