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And it is for these online dating profile written reasons must be written in a professional manner, because it is the most remarkable part for you before you go for online dating.

It might be time to give the popular dating app another shot.

Adams does a great job of summarizing the importance of Tinder's update, telling TIME that "it's important for a major company like Tinder, which has tens of millions of users around the world, to send this message that transgender people are welcome on the platform." Adams went on to make a point we all need to do a better job of understanding: "Transgender people are part of the fabric of our American culture. And that is just the modern world in which we live." Well said.

I have a lot to learn about my new identity, and I hoped comparing the experiences of my former and current selves would lend me some insight.

I was bisexual "then" but am pansexual now, and have always dated more women than men, but for this experiment I wanted to get a feel for the "typical" dating experience of the average man or woman.

So for my male profile I listed that I was seeking women only, and for my female profile I listed that I was seeking men only.

As far as my gender identity, I decided to go "stealth" — my profile did not state that I was transgender, and therefore it allowed for people to contact me without it spurring in them a sexual identity crisis or terminal freak-out.

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Public prejudice, vulnerability, and need for privacy make these connections difficult.

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