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Much of Falco's early life is unknown as he apparently avoided talk of what he did before joining the Star Fox team, but he was likley born on Corneria but due to a comment he made on Zoness, he may have spent some of his lifetime there.He probably enlisted in the Cornerian Flight Academy, but dropped out and became a rogue pilot.Then in the aftermath of the Titianian base battle, Falco flew off with his Arwing, mentioning how he's going to "go it alone for a while", also telling Fox (who had just defeated a newly resurrected Andross clone) to tell Katt and Cool to retire from the Hot Rodders.Nobody knew what happened to him until he returned out of the blue to save Fox from the recently resurrected Andross who was about to eat him.

It should be noted, however, that four years after the events of the Lylat Wars, the Star Fox Team received a distress signal from Titania by Katt, which Falco acted upon without the team's permission.He was then seen, along with the rest of the team, to be seen running back to the Great Fox.For 4 years after the wars team Star Fox had been involved in many different missions rounding up the remaining Venomian Army.Falco had been getting bored with them as they weren't as exciting as they're previous missions.Falco started to get more uncooperative than ever and it got even worse he began to get into fights with Fox for entertainment.

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