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The charges arose from an 911 call from Ho’s home in the Shaughnessy area of Vancouver on Dec. He was also initially charged with possessing cocaine, but the charge was dropped as part of a plea agreement.

The Crown and defence made a joint request Thursday for a suspended sentence for Ho, including one year of probation, a ,000 fine, 45 hours of community service and attending a drug counselling program.

But when he turned around to apologize, the woman wasn’t in court.12 last year while going through security at Vancouver International Airport.His bail specified he was not to possess any weapons.Ho went to the garage and showed her the car keys, offering to drive her home. She then went outside, jumped over a fence and landed hard on her ankle.She went to the home of a neighbour, who called 911. During a search of his home, police seized 13 grams of cocaine and 13 guns, one of which was unregistered.

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The unregistered Glock pistol was found in a drawer of Ho’s “captain’s bed.”Ho, dressed in a dark suit, sat in court with his eyes closed as the Crown read out details of the crimes the billionaire committed.

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