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I don't date here because if you accidentally get a kid, it seems like you will be introducing your entire female side of your new family into your apartment. I'm a white Brit heading over there soon hopefully, to either Hanoi or Da Nang, and I was wondering what dating would be like for westerners and whether we have an advantage in the dating game? I'm decent with girls, though not the smoothest, but I'm confident enough to ask a girl out.

Everywhere I go, I see like 10 people in 1 apartment. That being said, I like Viet girls because they are very caring and affectionate (soft) and well mannered when they are young. I've heard some guys say you don't have to, girls will come to you, but then say these girls are OK to be with for a bit but not date. As a Vietnamese-American, I speak of experience of others.

I think the green card/atm thing is unfair and an exaggeration, for the most part (unless we are talking about Karaoke Girls), but Vietnamese girls are kind of rabid once you go down that slope.

There's a certain unsophistication, for lack of a better word, and we're talking about a culture were marrying young and having children young is the norm, unlike America where that is considered slightly strange and not normal.

It's true that girls that never leave get married somewhat young, and demand more commitment from the beginning of a relationship, but at 18 or 20 (i'm assuming that's the age range of your dates) i don't think it's much of an issue.

Is it normal for a young woman to be already talking about marriage? I mean I hate generalizing, and it's a especially uncomfortable thing to do since I'm white, but that's been my experience.This can, but not always, lead to her taking advantage of you for a green card (in the future if you keep in contact) and then ditching you after she steps foot out of the airport.That's sort of the reason why they're better as one night stands because if you don't shake them off, they (as well as other in similar economical countries) will become leeches. Theyre very caring and affectionate for instance my recent trip I drank too much Hanoi vodka while at karaoke(even though I can barely read Vietnamese) once I got home I felt like death and threw up everywhere.I still think the parents don't like it since they have old school thinking and the generation after this current one will be more westernized and PDA will be more widely accepted.One problem I see is that Viet girls really think of marriage first and dating as a way into marriage.

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Meaning, the current generation is just starting to do the PDA but are still embarrassed/afraid of being caught by their parents or older generation.

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