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Waiting for her meal ticket to take her away from her day job teaching middle school, she sets a plan in motion to win over Scott Delacorte (Justin Timberlake), who unfortunately starts to fall for Elizabeth’s colleague Amy Squirrel (Lucy Punch), setting her jealousy off into overdrive. The teachers we actually learned more from taught us life lessons more than trigonometry.Meanwhile, gym teacher Russell Gettis (Jason Segel) expresses interest in Elizabeth, even though he won’t take any of her bullshit. Suzie Ormond would have been like, “Girl, that’s part of your five-year plan.” She’s working hard for those. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE: We have to figure out a way to pay teachers more. They have such a huge responsibility and are under-appreciated and underpaid. Fujikowa, in sixth grade, who used to come in after the weekend and tell us about his 3-year-old son.Meanwhile, she befriends Russell the gym teacher as Amy and Scott start dating.Desperate to pay off the procedure for her breast surgery, Elizabeth steals the state test answers by disguising herself as a journalist and seducing Carl Halabi, a state official who is in charge of creating and distributing the exams.I think people are willing to take a chance, and studios are now willing to formulate new things. There have always been genius female actors in comedy. They pull back the arrow, take a breath to slow down the heartbeat, and then let go, and bullseye. Growing up with that show, I remember staying up late, which was really bad parenting because I was too young to watch some of the jokes that were on it, but I turned out okay. I also think we live in an age where technology has afforded a generation more of a crass look at the world. Amy Squirrel, a dedicated and enthusiastic colleague, also pursues Scott while the school's gym teacher, Russell Gettis, makes it clear that he is interested in Elizabeth romantically, and she is not interested in him because he is a gym teacher.

There was not one ounce of energy spent trying to make anything about this character likeable. That’s pretty much the only message in the movie that we are proud of. We thought we shouldn’t just be making a movie about nothing that is of any importance.Any of my guy friends, when I tell them what women really talk about, they can’t take it.At this moment, it’s time for women to come out and be themselves and be accepted.However, when she tries to schedule an appointment for her breast surgery, she cannot afford the ,300 procedure.She feels worse when Scott admits that he is interested in Amy, and that he only likes Elizabeth as a friend.

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