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Becki Rowe, Manhattan Criminal Court Judge, offered Rhymes another option. The conditions of the sentence required two weeks of youth lectures, three years of probation, five days of community services and six months of anger management classes.

Rhymes was arrested again in Manhattan for driving while impaired and without a license on 3rd May 2007.

In 1989, Rhymes, along with his Long Island native Charlie Brown, Cut Monitor Milo, and Dinco D, found the East Coast hip-hop group Leaders of the New School.

The group came into limelight after performing an opening act for Public Enemy, the American hip-hop group. Records is a label founded by the then recently fired founder and chief of Arista Records, Clive Davis.

On 24 October 2006, Rhymes was at Manhattan Criminal Court as the district attorney's office attempted to previous charges against him with weapons possession for a machete found in his car.

However, the judge did not add the charge and adjourned the case.

He released his single, , featuring Lil Wayne, Q-Tip, and Kanye West. Previously he was in a long-term relationship with his former girlfriend, Joanne Wood.

The couple stayed together for ten years and had four children together.

On 20 August 2006, Rhymes was busted and blamed for charges of third-degree assault after hitting a man who was in his car in NYC on 21 August after the Amsterdam Music Festival.

On 18 March 2008, a judge in NYC sentenced Rhymes to three years probation, ten days community service, and 50 fine for involving in drink and drive.

On 25 September, Busta Rhymes was temporarily refused to the United Kingdom because of unsolved convictions.

Rhymes' children include three sons, Trillian Wood-Smith (born in 2001), T'Khi Wood-Smith (born in 1999), and T'Ziah Wood-Smith (born in 1993), and After staying for ten years together, Rhymes found his ex to be a lesbian.

The ex-couple has been bitter during their battle for custody rights; Rhymes was angry that she loves a woman more than him.

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