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When soulmarks appeared after the Convergence, the whole world had a lot of things to figure out.For Steve Rogers, at least, the number one thing was this -- why the hell was the handwriting on his arm not Bucky's, and what was he going to do about it?He had initially started flying with his grandfather when he was a teen, and has over 1,500 total flight hours.Jake secretly worked with Robert Hawkins, whom he eventually saw as a friend, to get the last remaining nuclear bomb from the September Attacks to the Independent Republic of Texas, thus exposing the conspiracy behind the attacks.From left to right: Rob Hawkins, Gray Anderson (standing), Dale Turner (crouching), Emily Sullivan, Jake Green, Heather Lisinski, Eric Green, Johnston Green, Gail Green, Stanley Richmond, and Bonnie Richmond Johnston Jacob "Jake" Green, Jr., (portrayed by Skeet Ulrich) is the oldest son of the Green family, as it was stated on the CBS website, and the principal character of the series.Jake was once a member of Jonah Prowse's group of survivalists; and, after a botched armed robbery job, in which Chris Sullivan (Jonah's son and the brother of Jake's girlfriend, Emily Sullivan) was killed, Jake fled Jericho.Hawkins claimed he was a former police officer from St.

He took charge of getting people to safety, and eventually people came to look upon him as a leader.The incident has continued to haunt him, as he killed several innocent civilians, including a little girl.Jake graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (prior to leaving Jericho for five years).7) Matt's urban studies midterm project involves making and presenting his mental map of St. 8) A game of truth or dare gets unexpectedly philosophical. 10) Karen & Matt experiment with blindfolds.11) Foggy wonders why he tied his life to the two most obsessive people he knows. 17) His first week in Wakanda, Steve gets a letter from Natasha. And as usual, the requests rained in :)REQUESTS ARE NOW CLOSED DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SEND ME ANY MORE PLEASEI will be writing them STRICTLY in order received, and I may combine two or more requests if I feel they fit together well.12) Laura, Clint, & Natasha fail at holiday cooking. You can send a comment asking where your ask is in the queue if you like, but it'll probably take me at least a week or two to clear the queue, so please be patient if you don't see yours for a while!

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  1. And if for some reason we don’t, we’re pretty upfront about acknowledging where we’ve missed something or where we misinterpreted something we heard or simply forgot about. Flaking out, blowing off, or not doing what you say you’re going to do (especially for something simple like making a date) altogether is the quickest way to lose our respect and be permanently relegated to the “unsuitable partner” pool.