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At this year's Fringe, Alfie Brown and Jessie Cave, and Bobby Mair and Harriet Kemsley are two couples preparing to spill the beans on their love lives.

It's fun to watch, certainly, but how does it work when you both have access to a microphone – when you're both the funny one in a relationship?

pic.twitter.com/UQId MEYLWG @andrearadri To use our club to further your business interests against the advice of @amnesty and others is unforgivable.

I won’t be back to Elland Road under your ownership if this tour goes ahead, which I don’t doubt will bother me far more than it does you.

Her Indoors has become Her On-stage – with a boom in successful female stand-ups meaning there are more comedy couples on the circuit than ever before.

That was the classic marital gag in the bad old days, but times have changed.

He loves dogs, good music, alphabetising, cooking, alcohol and his job.

Despite his grumpy man reputation he smiles a lot and is genuinely lovely whenever he meets a fan.

Talking earlier in a Guardian interview about his OCD and relationships, Richardson said: "I notice if I walk Lucy to the station and we're chatting and being a couple, then I'm happy and I don't notice any of my obsessions.

There have been comic items in the past of course – Gracie Allen and George Burns, Jennifer Saunders and Adrian Edmondson, Dawn French and Lenny Henry, to name but three – but his 'n' her stand-up, in which one or both performers share the nitty-gritty of their relationship for laughs, is quite a new and, for those who enjoy a good gossip, thrilling phenomenon.

Not all comedy couples talk about their other half: Stewart Lee rarely mentions Bridget Christie, and she refers to him as her "fictional on-stage husband." Sarah Millican is an over-sharer, whereas her husband Gary Delaney sticks firmly to impersonal one-liners.

Do stand-ups scrap over who gets to keep the best domestic anecdotes, or cry over seeing their dirty linen washed in public for a laugh?

What do they say to their partner after a bad gig – and what happens when one is more successful than the other?

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