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Overall, they get along and it has been shown that they value each other's opinion and care for each other's feelings.

The writers of the show have hinted to them as a possible pairing multiple times on their Twitter.

In Girl Meets Texas (Part 1), it is revealed that Maya has a crush on Lucas, which explains why she teases him a lot. Lucas: [twirling his lasso] You want to see a rope trick? It's not like I actually believed you're a real cowboy. [loops rope over Maya and ties her up] Maya: Hey, Ranger Rick.

In Girl Meets Texas (Part 2), Riley tells Lucas that Maya likes him, and that she thinks that's why Maya teases him so much.

It's like he's your- Lucas: Maya, you're the most secure person in this classroom. [Maya just looks at him]Zay: Well, he's looking at you now. And I want you to be able to get better and share it with people. [She glances down and looks back up at him]Riley: Bay window. [Maya finally breaks eye contact with Lucas and glances back at Riley, as if she was just woken up from a different mind state] Lucas: Maya, are you seriously not gonna talk to me?

Maya: [shocked at his sudden outburst of kindness] Thank you Lucas, but it's just an art class. They're taking away something you are very good at. I can't remember--Lucas: You're a great artist, Maya. [Riley looks back and forth between Maya and Lucas, who are both still gazing into each other's eyes]Lucas: I don't want them to take away your art class, Maya.

In Girl Meets the New Year, they pair up for the Couples Game and each get questions that refer to their current pairings. 'Cause, y'know, it's not a square dance, so, not gonna be a whole lot of do-si-do-in'. You actually put thought into our little game, don't ya? Give me that and I won't call you Ranger Rick all week.

He asks her what she wants to do, and the conversation is left open ended.

The two break up in Girl Meets Ski Lodge (Part 2) when Maya claims she never liked Lucas like that and that the only reason she fell in love with him was to see if he was a good guy for Riley, because she wanted the best for her best friend, so he then chooses Riley.

Maya: Maya: [as Riley]Aww, Lucas, you're a very sweet guy. You know, it's like we're two sunshiney people from the same sunshiney family. What do you think you getting hurt would have done to the people who-?

[Maya looks at him curiously]Zay: Now they just lookin' at each other not saying nothin'. Maya: You could have gotten hurt on that stupid bull!

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