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’ I think we were 25 or 26, so really, [we were] very young.We knew that Sophia Loren was in New York at the time, so, we said ‘The biggest Italian superstar is here, do you know her? I will ask her to come.’”He explains that Loren had been robbed of all the jewelry from her New York home on Central Park West, so naturally she was refusing to leave her home to avoid the paparazzi.“We were a bit disappointed, but we went to Diana’s house anyway because it was never something boring,” he continues.They have to create their own style, like Chanel with [Karl] Lagerfeld, [Giorgio] Armani, [Gianni and Donatella] Versace, and Oscar de la Renta.[Their style] is an evolution of one idea and that’s how they will survive.“And [Vreeland] was an amazing inspiration for all of us.Not just because she knew about fashion, or because she worked at Vogue, but because she was Diana Vreeland.

Giammetti—who laughs when I tell him he’s big on Instagram—has racked up over 34,000 followers on the photo-sharing platform.

They try to express their vision of Valentino but with the same attributes—beauty, romance, femininity, and fragility.

These are the things that a designer has to understand, that they cannot just create and follow every season.

Hailing from a “bourgeois” family, as he describes, with parents who wanted him to become an architect, Giammetti never imagined a career in the fashion industry.

But he dropped out of architecture school and instead took a chance on Valentino’s budding design house. Valentino helmed the creative end, while Giammetti took care of business.

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