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After moving to a new city, during another freeze, you run into the person actually controlling the time freezes.

Omega's have a tough life as it is but Eren needs to take the fucking cake!

There are rarer ones though, like sudden fixes to ongoing medical issues such as suddenly being able to hear or gaining multicoloured sight directly after meeting.

Apparently, for Eren though, his soulmate can stop and start time, and he’s the only one un-affected.

That’s obviously the most logical way to go about this, according to his parents.

And to make matters worse, the rich prince is a teeny tiny, insufferably irritable, completely constipated asshole.

Crossdress as a princess so you can marry a rich prince, of course.College life includes parties, alcohol, love and some really weird people.But right from the start feels like everything isn’t okay.He finds himself presenting his dynamic, foul mouthed and stubborn, thrown out of home, abandoned, get's knocked up, finds support, falls in love and fights for his life.While Levi tries to be a good alpha, goes head to head with authorities, captains an NHL team, freaks out and realizes that team bonding has no limits as well as families come in different shades of grey...

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